Thursday, April 12, 2012

Second Anniversary Dinner

While we truly celebrated our wonderful second anniversary during a fun-filled trip to Disney World, we couldn't let the actual day of our anniversary pass without celebrating then too, even if it was on a Wednesday!  Isn't that the worst?  We decided to cook our own romantic anniversary dinner at The Melting Pot and had a blast doing so.  Having a month long marriage lovefest three years running really has been the best.

Nom Nom we LOVE to EAT

Mmmmm Raw Meat!

Thumbs Way Up

Someone knows me and loves me... antique hankys for our 2nd (cotton) anniversary

This might have been one of those "secretly a gift for both of us" gifts!  You're welcome :)

What would an anniversary dinner be without dessert?

I love this handsome man!

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Mark said...

I love your kitchen excerpts, especially since I am restoring a Victorian kitchen to its original state.