Monday, April 18, 2011

End of Spring

Guten Morgan Frauleins!

Did you have a wonderful weekend?

I don't know how it happened, but in my world (the world of college and football, sometimes together, sometimes not) we are bearing down HARD on the end of Spring. Huttah!!!

Why do I say so when we haven't even celebrated that most Springish of holidays, Easter? Because...
a) Finals Week is next week at UCF
b) Jonathon's birthday is on Friday
c) I was bit three times by filthy mean mosquitoes this weekend
d) The UCF Spring Football Game is now one for the books! CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES ALRIGHT!

It was hot sweaty fun on Saturday and I don't want to give anything away but the Knights Won! That's sarcasm for those not familiar with what a Spring football game is... it's a fancy scrimmage. Meaning we played ourselves... Meaning obviously the Knights won. BUT the game was fun, the company was great, the lemonade was cold. What more is there?

ANYHOW, it was glorious and now JUST MAYBE I will have a few more weekends in a row with my handsome hubby in the very near future. Hopefully also he will get more sleep and take me on more dates like he did Saturday night. Whose cuter than my sweetie? Answer: no one.

Enjoy the last days of Spring folks, it's headed straight out the door. :)

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Rachel said...

It's still winter here! And I had a weekend of working 17 hours. booooo. Let me live yo life