Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Happy Hump Day

The past few weeks have seriously been going on and on and on, just running all together. I have been so busy at work and Jonathon has been insane with Spring ball so the weeks are both whizzing and creeping by. Is that possible?

Yesterday morning I woke up thinking it was Saturday. Sadly, I was mistaken. That was crappy.

I think my brain is begging me for a vacation, stat. Speaking of which, I don't think I ever shared our anniversary trip to St. Pete on good ol' BMF. I can't believe this was exactly one month ago. WHERE DOES THE TIME GO?!

For you, a few highlights:

We took a mini road-trip to beautiful St. Pete Beach for a wonderful weekend away.

First stop, Dat's Delicatessen. It was Datzlicious. That would be french toast with berries and melted brie. Don't worry about it. They also have a super cute "artisans market" with like locally fair-traded indigenous squash butter and stuff.

Finally made it to our hotel the Post Card Inn. It was SO cute. I think the same designers of the Ace Hotels must have gotten involved because it had almost exactly the same vibe but with a beach twist. It was perfect.

St. Pete is really cutesy with little mom and pop shops. We went to dinner one night at Gigi's Italian and had some scrumptious homemade pizza. There is something about Italian by the beach that just makes my mouth happy.

He makes my mouth happy too :)

Obviously champagne was involved in this weekend, and that would be a celebratory anniversary pie I'm holding. We didn't opt for the "save your top tier and eat it a year later" thing, mostly because everyone I talked to said it was disgusting, but also because of our whole wedding cake fiasco. Let's not go there.

One of the most fun things we did was renting a scooter and cruising the strip from St. Pete to Indian Shores (which is beautiful). This part of the gulf has so much character and is just so cutesy, it was awesome.

We actually didn't spend much time at the beach because it wasn't HOT, but it was a good little stretch of sand and the water was turquoisey. We did spend a good amount of time at the pool and the beach bar. So there's that.

One of the highlights was going out for a shmancy dinner at a churrascaira from which we were later wheeled out in barrels. Can you tell food is VERY important to us?

So long St. Pete. Me love you long time.


Rachel said...

noms noms all types of noms! I can't believe a month has passed ether jezzzz time is FLYING

MrsFord said...

I KNOW, it needs to slow the heck down. miss you kiss you.