Monday, October 11, 2010

Simple Homemade Pumpkin Rice Pudding

Happy 10-10-10 yesterday! Did you have a great day?

It is FINALLY starting to feel like fall here, and you know what that means! It's baking time!!!

I have never considered myself much of a chef, but I can bake with the best of them. The 90 degree weather hasn't been particularly inspiring for me to want to get in the hot kitchen and bake something up. So you can imagine how happy the cooler temps have made me.

With it feeling like fall, that can only mean one thing in the world of baking... PUMPKIN. I could seriously eat 2 whole pumpkin pies in a single sitting. There is something just magical about it. If you know me well, you know this is no exaggeration. So I was trying to steer clear of making a pie... :)

I looked and looked and looked for a pumpkin rice pudding recipe that was to my liking but they were all too complicated (with apples and cranberries and such) or they were either boil or bake versions and I just couldn't decide. Finally I chose to just combine the two and make my own simple creation. Voila!

I think I now have enough pumpkin rice pudding to feed a small army. Luckily, the hubs and I can eat like a small army, so it shouldn't be an issue. If you don't like your desserts too sweet, you will really enjoy this one. As an aside, I made my version with soy milk.

Here's my recipe on a printable recipe card for you and a friend. :)

Let me know if you try it. Happy Fall to ya!


Rachel said...

NOM NOMSSSS! I bought a can of pumpkin that i just mix w/ pumpkin pie spice and sugar and eat. its SO good.

Victoria said...

Uncle Stevie called me yesterday at 10:10 am!!!
I made brown rice last night and when I get home from work tonight I'm going to try one of those recipes.

Krystal said...

that looks good!!! i'll def let you know if i make it :) i love the printable cards :)

MrsFord said...

Ahh, I didn't realize the cards were so bitty. I failed. :)

Excited you guys are feeling the fall pumpkin deliciousness!