Thursday, October 7, 2010

Orlando is for Little People

My little bro and sis came to visit a couple months back and I never got around to posting the highlights of their trip. One of the reasons was that we just did so darn much! We had such a blasty hanging out and showing them around town. Here, the highlights...

I took so many pics... see???

Little drummer girl couldn't get enough of Rock Band.

Maka the lasagna! A couple of my all-time favorite chefs!

Since it was still the height of summer, we were able to enjoy a Collegiate Summer League Baseball game while the kids were in town. Yes it was a night game, but we were absolutely melting. These games are so much fun though, my little sis even got to run the bases during 7th inning stretch. Too bad I missed it with the camera!!!

Of course during their trip here, we had to take the little ones to DiSnEyWoRlD!!! What trip to Orlando would be complete without it?! Did I mention it was about 97 degrees out?! Oh man. But we definitely had a blast.

This picture is destined to be a classic. One of those oldies but goodies you pull out 15 years later to embarrass the kids in front of their friends. SO darn cute.

Awwww. We were hot but happy.

I love this pic. Such tough guys.

The highlight of the trip for my sis? SO many princesses.

My artsy close-up of the castle where we ate dinner with royalty. ;)

Happy after a loooooooong hot day at the Magic Kingdom. :)

Jumping for joy at J's work!

Checking out world famous Jeremiahs! Who doesn't love gelati???

The cutests...

I love these two. I asked my little sis what the best part of her trip out here was. You know what she said? "Seeing You." :)

What's better than family?!


Mr. Ford said...

What's better is she said "Seeing you" and she LOVES Disney princesses more than just about anything else in the world. Way to go babe!

MrsFord said...