Wednesday, October 13, 2010

ESPN Tonight

The hubs' team has had some Wednesday night games last week and this week. It has been kind of great for actually getting to spend Saturday nights together. It's also neat for our family and friends who are NOT in Orlando to be able to watch the games on ESPN.

If you're bored tonight, tune in! You might just see some of this action...

Notice the sweaters and jackets. It finally feels like football weather!

Note to self... do not leave camera with crazy bffs during half-time trip to concessions...

Something hilarious happened, but as a good friend, I am sworn to secrecy.

This is how we would like all of our future scoreboards to read... :)



Victoria said...

UCF vs. Marshall at 5pm in California.
Go Knights!!!!

Mr. Ford said...

Freak yes! Awesome post baby. Annnd That's one of the funniest funny-faces I've ever seen Erik pull off. Zang!

MrsFord said...


You should have seen what Erik did babe... :)