Monday, October 4, 2010

Crib Shopping with Ma and Pa to Be

Have I mentioned that my BFF Lindzee is preggers? She is popping out all over the place (she is due in January) so it is definitely time to get that nursery in order. I was fortunate enough to tag along with mommy and daddy on their first crib shopping expedition. It was so fun!

We went to a shop called Cribs 4 Life. Apparently these are the Cadillacs of cribs!

SO excited! Haha, I love this pic. A couple of sillies.

Cribs 4 Life cribs convert from an infant crib into a toddler crib and then into a full size bed when baby is ready for a big-kid bed. Pretty sweet, huh? Lindzee and Erik are GIANT UF Gator fans and are planning to make a tasteful gator-inspired nursery.

I think E was having TOO much fun...

Mom to be hard at work looking at rocking chair fabrics.

Love these three!

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Lulu said...

We got a Crib 4 Life, love the options for it to last through their childhood. We're still in the crib mode, toddler bed next.

congrats to your friend, she is adorable preggers!