Friday, February 8, 2013

Folg Fam Fotos

Happy Day!

This week I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon photographing some pretty darn cute kids.  Grant turned 2 and Ashlyn is just about 7 months now... can you believe it?  I think the pics turned out great.  Grant was VERY interested in the planes going by and even tried to show us how old he is now (it looks like 5 but... he means 2) :).  So happy to be a part of these little humans' lives!  Enjoy the pics.

One Big Happy Family

We call this one The MJ

Blue Steel

Loves her daddy

I'm a big kid now

Baby in a Box!

Sweet family time

Happy girl

My favorite photo of the bunch... look a plane!


Big bro, little sis

Baby Gap Ad

Look a plane!

Sweet smile

Pretty Lady


My first picnic :)


I'm 2!
The photographer made it into a pic... Besties!

Behind the scenes... OUTAKE!