Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Miss Ashlyn's 1 Month Shoot

Guess who turned one month old last month???  Sweet baby Ashlyn!

Ok, I know this set took me a while, but I've been a litte busy editing 350 photos to perfection, completing three international Etsy wedding orders, starting a new semester at work, taking two grad classes just because, not training for a 5k (hahhahahahah, oops), catching up with friends, being a mom to a 4-legged lovebug OH and being super cheerleader wife because... football season started!  Did I just exhaust you?  Yea, I'm pretty tired myself.

The past 6 weeks has really been a blur but hopefully things are settling down.  Here's hoping for more baby Ashlyn time, yoga time, time for baking pumpkin deliciousness, time to watch college football with friends and not rush off after to work on anything, time to zone out to Tia and Tamera and Eden Eats (yes, both make excellent photoshopping background noise) and time to enjoy the fall weather with my favorite s-s-s-silly dog.  With all of that said, I am so happy to finally reveal the beauty that is... Ashlyn Elizabeth at 4 weeks.  Enjoy!



Rachel said...

YOU TOOK THESE?! YOU ARE AMAZING. why didn't you tell me you were doing all that when we talked last week?! YOU ARE SERIOUSLY A STAR. i love you soooo much sissy

MrsFord said...

Thanks Sissy!!!!!! Come and visit and we can have a photo shoot :)