Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Black and Gold Explosion

The other day at Hobby Lobby I went a little CrAzY with the black and gold craft type products.  OOOOoops... I saw this first picture frame and considered buying it but then I thought... I can make that for less money and more pretty.  For $15 I bought the following frame, four spools of ribbon, fabric applique and heart pendant.  The best part about Hobby Lobby is that everything in there is 50% off.  So yes, that's relatively a lot of money to spend on one photo frame, but you know I didn't just make one.

I rummaged through our closet and found a boring old white frame that I covered in some scraps of fabric I had laying around, hot glue gun in hand... Voila!  I now have two super fun new black and gold frames to spruce up my office with.  Now I just need to a) stop making frames (ok, I have plans for just ONE more) and b) find the perfect photos for these babies.

The best part of all of this frame business is that I have a ton of ribbon and fabric left over to make my next project... A UCF Football Wreath.  Just you wait, I might have gone a little craft crazy but I have a lot of cuteness to show for it.  :)

This business was $18 on its own
Black and Yellow, Black and Yellow, Black and Yellow
Brighton Collectibles, Eat Your Heart Out

No one's going to see the back, right???

I love them

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