Monday, August 15, 2011

Stupid Monday

Is it Christmas yet? It is barely back to school time and I am already exhausted... this is no good. You know what this means, right? Mental vacations. LOTS of them.

Have you all seen Sarah's Summer Home on HGTV? I am slightly obsessed and not ashamed to say that I dream of my own gorgeously appointed private island home on a Midwestern Lake close to a plethora of antique stores. OH yes, a plethora. YES, please please.

Take a looksee and you'll know what I'm talking about:

Did I mention the house is only accessible by boat and also has a tiny guest cottage? This is where I will be vacationing mentally all week. How about you?


Victoria said...

WOW! How beautiful and peaceful.
I think I have that little bedside white table and also similar wooden dining table with the white chairs.
No wonder I am so drawn to it.
I can hear the waves and waterfowl now.

Rachel said...

omg too nice. let me vacation there!