Saturday, August 6, 2011

Happy Lucy Day!

The funniest woman in entertainment turns 100 today!

I'm sure like me, most of you grew up loving Lucy and do to this day. Its fairly safe to safe Lucille Ball has been my idol since I was a little girl. I've seen every episode of I Love Lucy, some of The Lucy Show (which, lets face it, was no where near as great as ILL), read the biographies and of course love the movie The Long, Long Trailer!

When I was a kid my mom surprised me one weekend and took me to the I Love Lucy Convention in LA (yes, that exists and YES, that explains a lot about the type of kid I was) where I got to meet Elois Jenssen who was the costume designer for I Love Lucy in the 1950s. That was a pretty phenomenal experience and only solidified my adoration for all things Lucy.

I danced as a kid (did you know Lucy was an accomplished dancer?) and grew up singing and acting and then doing improv in high school. After that I thought I would become a costume designer and to this day I use humor a lot in my life to make others comfortable and to help me deal with things I would rather not be dealing with. I'm not saying I do all of that because of Lucille Ball, but I do think the influence she has had in my life is fairly evident.

I know I'm just one of Lucille Balls' trillions of fans and I think that's something else that I love about her, she spans decades, cultures and countries because funny is just funny no matter who you are. Its really fun to read all of the articles about her that are out this week (including this one and the Lucy Fest in Jamestown, NY is this weekend too) and to watch some of my fav clips for the hundredth time. Even Google is honoring her 100th year today, check it out!

Cheers to her and Happy Lucy Day to you!

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