Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ahhh Weddings

As you all well know, this blog started as a dedication to all things wedding related and as I am now almost 1.5 years deep into my wonderful marriage (OMG where the hell does the time go?!) I haven't had a "need" for all of that wedding kerfuffle.

Well... folks, there's just something so magical about weddings. I seriously love them. The romance, the design, the SHOPPING... Snippet and Ink, one of my all time favorite wedding blogs ever, just embodies everything I love about weddings. Kathryn Storke Grady writes that beautiful blog and she just did a guest post on Etsy about fall weddings that made me want to plan mine all over again: in the fall. Here is one of her inspirations that I think most closely matches up with my style.

Beautiful, no? I just MIGHT buy an item or two from her Etsy selections... In fact, i just did. Ooops. Its never too soon to start planning an anniversary party, right? Some of my favs:

I think I have steered clear of blogging about weddings as a post-bride blogger for fear of seeming like the old washed up cheerleader who stands on the side of the high school football field embarrassing everyone by doing the cheer hand gestures along with the teenagers. Like, leave some things to the kids, you know? But I think screw it, I am too in love with this stuff to not indulge a little. If anyone needs some help designing their wedding, I think you know where to turn.

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