Tuesday, May 24, 2011


My sneaky husband really out did himself this time!

I thought my birthday surprise party last weekend was THE big surprise. Then I thought my beautiful flowers at work and dinner at Cheesecake were THE big surprise, but NO... flying my brother in for the weekend and pretending we were going to the airport to pick up a co-worker was THE big surprise!!!

I'm a lucky girl. :)

Not only did my bro make a surprise appearance in Orlando, but then we also took a road trip down to Palm Beach to see one of my best friends Aimee and her husband Adam and to catch VIP front row seats at a little stand-up.

There may have been cute dogs involved. And their tongues...

It was a VERY short visit but a super duper fun one filled with people I love too. What's better than family?!


Rachel said...

i'm so happy that yo birthday was so awesome!!! and now robb whatttt!

MrsFord said...

right? why arent you hiding in his trunk?