Monday, May 2, 2011

Jonathon's Birthday Wrap-Up

I can't believe Jonathon's birthday was already "a while" ago and I still haven't posted about it... the time is seriously flying by and I don't know what to do to Slooooow.It.Down.

Anywho, Easter weekend was pretty eventful for us because we also celebrated my wonderful, handsome, sweet, funny (did I mention handsome?), loving husband's birthday! You know what's weird about him turning the OLD age he is now? We actually went on our first official date 10 whole years ago. Creep me out.

Yea, I am the luckiest girl in the world and I know it. He's a keeper.

Oh and it was his birthday in case you didnt know, the giant blue pin kind of gives it away.

On Friday night (his actual birthday) we went out for dinner with two of our favorite people at Texas de Brazil, a churrascuria. It's basically meat-stick central; you flip a card to green when you want more meat and men in gaucho pants come running to shave you loins and filets, and you turn it to red when you are going to explode. I had the salad bar. But it was the fanciest salad bar ever. And the hubs was a happy clam.

Of course there was more dessert to be had on Saturday at one of our favorite and most sentimental places (we had our wedding rehearsal dinner here) The Cheesecake Factory. Jonathon has a cute little red forehead thing going on from all of the relaxing in the sun we did at Daytona Beach this weekend. If you're wondering what kind of cheesecake that is, there's only one acceptable variety according to the birthday boy and that would be banana cream.

I promise we did more than stuff our faces with meat and pie but there was no camera around for those parts. Apparently the face stuffing is the part I wanted to reminisce about. Says a lot really.

All in all I think he had a beautiful birthday/Easter weekend. I can't believe we are SO old now. I love you sweetie husband and I am so grateful for the 14 years of friendship we have shared and our wonderful marriage. :)


Rachel said...

14 YEARS! Thats insanity! Im glad you guys had the bestest bday! I'm going to spend mine studying yip yip!

Krystal said...

happy happy bday to him!!!