Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Yin and Yang of it All

Sometimes I feel like right when life is really crappy, great things will flash into your life and vice-versa. When life is really amazing, something always seems to be a little off in the background. I'd love to tell you all about my deep philosophy on this and the yin and yang of it all, but really I think it's just life's way of reminding us to always seek balance.

This "philosophy" has certainly been at play in my life lately. I have had an incredible past two weeks and felt very positive and at peace. Meanwhile, my two boys have both been sick! It's no surprise to me that Jonathon came down with something. A) I was sick over New Year's and it's always only a matter of time before one of us passes it to the other (see photo below for exact moment of infection. you're welcome sweetiepea!) and B) he has been working 7-days a week, 10-15 hour days for the past few months and I think his body is like "d00d, chill." It's a good thing little mama's here to help with the soup, theraflu and ricollaaaaaaaaaa.

Teeny has also not been feeling well. Look at the poor baby! He has this horrible choking cough thing that just won't quite. He has had this in the past when he ate rawhide treats, but we haven't given him any and the cough was very persistent yesterday, so it is very disconcerting. Besides sounding horrible, the coughs scare him a lot so he stays right next to mama and even puts his head in my lap to comfort him. :( I hate when he is not feeling well because he can't just tell me what is wrong or what hurts and I feel so helpless. My poor little man.

Besides all of the germs, you must want to know the good news, right? Well, besides just returning from an amazing vacation in Costa Rica (oh yes, pics to follow soon) I officially started a brand new job last Monday! It has been an incredible two weeks!

Besides the job being fast-paced (read: borderline crazy hectic), very fun, and completely different every day... I now work on the same campus as Jonathon! Last week I ate lunch with him every day, which I know won't be the norm going forward but was so wonderful while it lasted, especially to get a id-day download of fist week jitters. For someone who's husband is a workaholic, you wouldn't believe how precious an hour a day of extra together time becomes. Besides lunches, we also now have more evening time together too because we carpool to the same place everyday! It's pretty wonderful. :)

More on the new job and pics of my new office and our vaca coming soon.

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Mr. Ford said...

Yay baby! This is the happiest I've ever been while feeling like crap. Love you!