Monday, January 31, 2011

Belated Christmas Wrap-Up Part 2

I know we are almost onto Valentine's Day (jeez, where does the time go???) but I have yet to finish my wrap-up of Christmas and New Years!

This was the first year in 5 that J and I just spent Christmas day at home together, not driving all over town trying to fit 20 people and 20 agendas in on one stressful day. It was super relaxing and cozy to just be together with our little family.

For his gift this year, I got him a fancy Covert Ops watch for maximum timetelling capabilities no matter what elements he may be facing... He was jazzed.

He got me some furry cozy boots to keep my little tootsies warm in these frigid Florida winters ;)

Jonathon made me this sweet card. Because the people on it didn't originally look like us, he made sure they did look JUST like us. Some might see this as creepy, but I think it's super sweet :)

When we first started celebrating Christmas together all those years ago, we decided to allow our ornament collection to slowly grow over the years. Since then, Jonathon and I have exchanged one ornament a year, you'd be surprised how quickly that tree filled up!

Joy to the World indeed! Even though this past Christmas is LONG gone, the good news is that the next one is now only 10 months away... :D


Shells said...

Cute! LOVE the boots--J's got good taste--thanks for staying away from the popular thigh hi's that are everywhere!

MrsFord said...

Haha, you're welcome! Your son has good taste too, he picked out the Joy to the World sign for me :)