Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Eyes Have It

If you're like me and you are constantly running all over the place and possibly loosing the battle with your schedule, than your make-up is also probably like me, mostly loved for its helping you look less tired qualities.

Well, friends, I am going to let you in on one of my most favoritest make-up products. You can thank me later.

Drum-roll please.....

Opulash Mascara from MAC.

This is the first mascara that I have used that actually stays on my lashes. I was skeptical of the whole "tube" vs. "paint" mascara phenom (if you don't know what Im talking about, you might want to do some investigative digging) but this stuff is like magic. I have always used MAC mascara but compared to their own other products, this stuff is my hands down fave.

It goes on easy, sticks around, is thickening and lengthening and then washes right off with soap and water. Do I sound like a used car salesman? I guess I'm just a bit jazzed about finding a mascara I actually LIKE and don't just put up with.

Do you have a fav make-up item you just HAVE to let the world know about?


Krystal said...

I will try it I think, I"m looking for a new one x

Anna Walker said...

I have been using the one by Ginvanchy (thank you Sephora gift card) but I find it always works only if I have no other makeup left on my face. It's a little annoying! It think your mascara may be the next one that I try! :)