Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hair Dilemna

Boy do I need a haircut! I have been trying to hold out until April/May because I have so much good stuff coming up then: J's birthday, Michele's parents 50th wedding celebration, Rachel's graduation, my birthday and most importantly (for hair reasons) my friend Aimee's big day!

Whew, with all of that funness coming up, I need to get crackin on my "get finer plan" (as Lindz would say) asap. Hopefully J and I will have a photographer picked out by May and we can do our engagement photos while my hair is looking hotttttt!

These are two hair cuts I am really feeling. Although, apparently I would need to look saucy and go shirtless to really work either of these looks.

1 comment:

Jonathon said...

Yumtastic, both of em! though I'd have to say I like that one the best! you know, that one.