Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Finding a Photographer


The photography for our wedding is definitely our number three priority (after the ceremony and having a blast with our friends and fams of course!) so we have been hemming and hawing away about who to go with. Here are the final (I think) choices in no particular order...

Anika London
I love their photos because they are all so bright and happy looking. These people know how to capture light in such a gorgeous way. Do yourself a favor and check out this link to our friends Katie and Steve's wedding photos... they used Anika London in November and we fell in love with their photos! Watch out for the tall handsome devil in all of the groomsmen shots.

Sargeant Photography
I love that a lot of these wedding photographers are married couples who work together. These two have a gorgeous photo in Paris on their "about us" section and here are some more of their lovely pics:

Amanda Lynn Photography
I've read some of her blog and she has a very funny personality, which I can see being a major plus on someone's wedding day. Plus I love that her pics seem very personal and emotional.

PS: I am quit obsessed with wedding photographers and while these are the few, the proud that we have narrowed down for our own big day, there are a couple more listed in the "I'm Obsessed With" section as I am, well, obsessed. Check em out.


Jonathon said...

Such Amazing photographers, I'm stoked for us to be shot!

MrsFord said...

I have been harassing Katie who is amazing and she recommended this photographer to add to the list:

Her stuff is gorgeous.

MrsFord said...

... and also this one...

Katie said...

Don't get shot!!

mhillen said...

I liked the two sample photos from Sargeant photography--the black and white one gives a timeless feel and they also did a good job capturing the joy and playfulness of the day in the color photo.
All the photographers looked good--don't think you'll go wrong with whoever you choose.

amanda lynn photography said...

Aw. I just saw this post. Thanks for the kind words. :)

Loving your blog!!!!