Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Gown Showdown

Jim Hjelm vs. Alvina Valenta in the battle of the lovely lace. Sigh... so romantic.


Jonathon's said...

So pretty!!!!!! I love them all. My favorite is the bodice and sheer straps on the lower right. Do you have a picture of the bottom half and train? Yummy.

mhillen said...

They are all gorgeous! I'm partial to the same one as Jon, the bead detail and sheer straps are really pretty.
Ellie loves the one on top--she's likes all the fancy lace!

MrsFord said...

I like all that pretty lace too! Although I went dress shopping this weekend and the lace wasn't really working for me when I tried it on. Maybe Ellie can wear a lacy number :)

I definitely didn't find "the dress" yet. I will keep you posted!