Monday, March 25, 2013

Where I've Been

Hey Gang,

It has been a pretty hectic and exciting month and I seem to have a lot of catching up to do around here.  At the beginning of the month Jonathon and I took an impromptu trip out to Oregon to see my family and I am definitely still in the process of getting those pictures uploaded.  More to come on that soon!  Other than that whirlwind, I also had a lot happen professionally.  As I work in higher education, one of the most prestigious organizations in my field held its annual conference a few weeks ago and it just so happened to be here in Orlando!  I was grateful for the opportunity to attend and volunteer at the conference. 

The whole experience was a bit overwhelming because there were thousands and thousands of people there, but I also received an award for a program that I oversee and was able to present on my program with my division's associate vice president!  Talk about exciting.  She also very graciously put my name forward to the university because of this award and I was invited to lunch and a meeting with our university's President and BOT.  HOLY COW.  I am excited to share pictures, though possibly not the world's best pictures, of all of those events with you here.  I know looking at pics of my conference might not sound like a blast but it really was a blast to attend, so bear with me!
Hard to see but that's me on the right standing to be recognized by Dr. Hitt and the Board of Trustees!  NBD :)
The opening and closing speaker was Sekou Andrews and he had the room in tears.  Very powerful, look him up.

This is what many of the presentation rooms looked like throughout the week... intense

Presentation on Social Media by NYU staffers was one of my favorites

World Marriott has a PRITTTY nice pool :)

That is the middle of the line for Starbucks... No joke.

Volunteering at the Check-In Desk was slow going

My board!  Don't worry, I match the board...

With our AVP, she is pretty much my work idol.

There was a hashtag for the conference on Twitter and I loved perusing it between sessions.  One of the grad students attending put a few photos like this of herself with the caption "Grown Ass Girl hashtag conference name" and I couldn't handle it.  I know it's not nice to mock people but I only did so internally, not on Twitter!
My best friend throughout the week... my trusty NASPA tote

Looking a little empty at the moment

Using my sweet Panorama app :)


Victoria said...

I couldn't be prouder of my own "Grown Ass Girl".
You are a rock star.

MrsFord said...

LOL you are the best. Thanks MAMA!