Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Happy Belated St. Patrick's Day!

Beyond my exciting conference and trip out to the west coast, March has also been exciting just because it's March... everyone and their mom's birthday is this month, there's St. Patrick's day, March Madness and we are coming up on our wedding anniversary this week.  So much happening!  Here are a few belated photos to share.

I never miss an opportunity to snuggle a cute baby :)

Celebrating the end of my conference with a meal at Disney!

So beautiful

Happy St. Patrick's from a couple of Irish folk (I married into it, that counts, right?)

Big daddy corned beef and cabbage and lil mama cabbage with veggies :)

I got this recipe off of Pinterest.... only it calls for melted white chocolate and white chocolate it turns out, is the devil.
I cried laughing for like 20 minutes about how my white chocolate turned out.  Thankfully I only wasted two squares trying to make this work... the chocolate-less Lucky Charms Squares were a big hit and they say laughing burns a lot of calories.  Win win.

At least I didn't mess the actual meal up :)

The loves of my life.

My snuggle bunny
Bucky had to go and break our hearts right out of the gate.  Stupid March Madness bracket ruiners!!!!!!  I still have pride, we wore our shirts AFTER they lost just to show our support.  *Tear*