Thursday, October 25, 2012

Football Family Mid-Season 2012

Well folks, another football season is well underway.  I thought this would be a good time to check back in on the season so far.  Ever wonder what the life of a football family is like?  If you have come to visit, you probably have become intimately acquainted with the craziness that is our life during season.  My sweet handsome husband is rather tired at this point of the year but still rearing to kick some opponent ass each week.  We are currently right in the thick of the fun times.  Beautiful Florida fall weather, LOTS of baked goods, cinnamon smells and fall decor, plenty of family and friends visiting, and many hours glued to a stadium bench or tv screen.  Oh and lots of stomach aches and soar throats... not from the flu, from aggressive cheering.

If you haven't had the pleasure of experiencing a taste of the season in person, here are a few fun snapshots to show the life of a football wife mid-season.   We are pumped for the remaining games ~ Rah rah!

It starts when the tickets arrive... they are so beautiful

My most precious season ticket seat mates

Friends come to keep me company and do the Zombie Nation

UKnight for Pink Night :)

When he finally has a bye week we spend his half day off... you guessed it, watching football!  At least we did it in style, nothing like a homemade "drive-in theater" in your living room!  Teeny is mad we took his spot :)

There's lots of long days and nights for my handsome husband.  Lots of missing him and kissy face pictures

At Brighthouse Stadium if we aren't doing the Zombie Nation we are doing the Call me Maybe or the Gangnam Style.  Aims gets DOWN.
Of course, there's tailgating

Aimee rolls deep
And the hottest day of my life... I will never get used to Florida noontime football
Nor will these overheated fans

Still, we're loving it
Ready for another game!

My cute black and gold bestie

Me and Maman cheering on the Knights!

A couple of folks I know made it on TV!  Seen all the way from Wisconsin!
My cute new black and gold football wreath.  I'm in love with my creation :)


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lets hang out.

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Heylll yea gurl. I miss you :(