Monday, June 6, 2011

Guest Room Game Plan

Happy Monday! Did you have a wonderful weekend? Ours was a pretty lazy one but there was a bit of re-decorating to be done, so that was exciting.

My mother in law sent me this awesome life magazine for my bday and it couldn't have suited our plans to re-decorate the guest room more. Isn't the frame so cute? Michael's frame sale plus coupons; man I love saving money!!!

We were originally going for a generic beachy type theme but with this new art and this throw back material I found for $6 a yard (plus coups) that could make super cute pillows or curtains... Now I'm leaning toward a vintage beach cabana theme. I know I'm weird, just go with it.

These are prints from Coronado CA's Tent Citys in the 1910's that are a bit inspiring too:

I originally scoped these "Parisian" curtains at BB&B and I am still a bit in love with them:

And I want this pottery barn washed velvet quilt real bad:

Wouldn't that all make for a super cute guest room? Yea, I think so too. Oh and Teeny is precious btw:


Victoria said...

I love that washed velvet fabric, very Marilyn Monroe.
You could make one of those frames with all the shells hot glued on.

And I love that Brodie dog!

katherinebee said...

I am a fan of those Coronado prints!

MrsFord said...

Oh mom, youre silly. And Ms. Bee, i thought you'd like those!

Krystal said...

i want to see the final product, i am liking all of your inspiration!