Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Last weekend, I bought things. I blame it on this:

What'd I buy? Things for crafting. Besides decorating our guesty room, I also finally found a shadow box that I liked enough to turn into a WEDDING shadow box. Doesn't hurt it was 50% off BABY! Side note: everytime I say/hear/write the word shadow box I think that is should be whispered SHADOW BOX and I think about my brother's Little Weblows shadow box which he (or my mom?) made in like 5th grade and then proceeded to "decorate" with throughout his entire life, probably to this day. Oh, he'll be 30 in like 2 weeks. NBD.

Yea, so about that wedding sssssshadowbox. I plan to put in said box one of our invites, one of our programs, a piece of my bustle that I kept, Jonathon's boutonniere, some of the charming charms I purchased for 50% off and then some at JoAnnys and the piece de resistance... my mini reception veil as seen below.

Awwww, you can swoon later when I complete my shadowbox (shhhh) and show it to you. What the freak is a better combination than weddings and crafting? Riddle me that one.


Krystal said...

i will want to see! :)

MrsFord said...

I have everything in place, I just havent figured out how to pin it all in! DIY web here I come