Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Get your mind out of the gutter! That stands for Save The Dates. Obviously!

Boy are we procrastinating with those... To be fair, we had a genius design all picked out but our plans were thwarted and now we find ourselves looking for new ideas. Most of our friends have done STD magnets (hehe!) and we might do that too. There's some really cute pre-made paper STDs out there that seem to embody the "modern folk chic" vibe we're going for. Here, a smattering.


The following are via Minted:

La Fete

Rustic Western

Simple Sophisticate

Look for one soon in a mailbox near you!

1 comment:

KatherineBee said...

I'm really obsessed with all of them. If I had to choose I like 1,3 and 5 in no particular order. Too cute!!