Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I know it's wierd. But I love paper. I hoard it. I buy random scrapbook 12 x 12s that I save for years with no intention of using. I love the textures, I love the colors. I love the crispness of text on a solid background. I love how it is neat and contained and perfect.

My brother has been telling me to just give in and become a graphic designer for years now. I think I might take his advice...

I think our invites are going to be a bit lame compared to the paper torch I carry for the thousand dollar wedding invite suites I have been oogling online. But I will just continue to oogle.

Here's whats been inspiring me across the blogosphere for our save the dates. Sorry for the lack of credits but my internet went down before I could link the saved files. I think you will find snippets from each of these when you get ours in the mail... no I havent mailed them, they aren't even finished yet!

PS: There are exactly 8 months to go 'til the BIG DAY!!!


Anonymous said...

Tash- I LOVE the photo booth pic idea and how sweet the little edge holders look. I'm sure whatever you craft is going to look like a million dollars. (It's Tiff btw. I can't figure out how to comment other than with anon.)

MrsFord said...

If you like the photobooth with the corners than I think you will be extremely happy when the cards arrive in your mailbox :) I think you have to be "my follower" to comment with your name but Im not sure. Thanks Tiff!

singnals3 said...

so exciting this photo .
thanks to shearing

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