Sunday, May 12, 2013

Oh Hey There - DCL Baby!

It's been a hot hot minute my friends!  Sorry for the lack of posts but it has been one heck of a long spring.  Between the hubs seeking a new position, working hard at my own job, playing fantasy baseball with the boys, celebrating two 30th birthdays and a 3rd wedding anniversary... we have had a lot going on!  

For Jonathon's 30th we had a blast celebrating with friends at Cheesecake Factory.  

Taking a family walk at Lake Eola

It's not Southern if there ain't magnolias

Kissy boys out to breakfast

Oh, and we went on a Disney Cruise.  WHAT WHAT!!!  We did a lot of hemming and hawing if it is really a great time for us to go on a vacation right now but you only turn 30 once, we had never been on a cruise and are contemplating moving out of state so we just went for it.  Knowing of the impending celebrations we saved up for quite some time and actually got a screaming deal because it was both between seasons and we got a Florida resident discount.  Regardless of the price, it was so well worth it and I would suggest you start saving now for your own trip.  We had the best time ever.  I am SO excited to share some of the pics here!

Pretty pumped to get onboard!
Magnetic doors make it easy to decorate our room with magnets :)

With Commodore Duck

Princess Tasha

Prince Jonathon

First sunset at sea

Captain Mickey!

Welcome to the Bahamas

I love this guy

Fresh conch salad and fritters NOMS

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On the water taxi to Atlantis

Dar she blows!

Loving our fish


Turning 30 never looked so good!

Hey Princess Tiana :)

Our favorite place in the Bahamas... Castaway Cay!

We are truly wearing swimwear :)

Bikin it

I had a hunger inside me 

Gosh I love that face

Yep, those are tiny fishes... I could take in that view everyday

OOpsie... someone broke their toe on the island

Checking out the medic's office

Our cutest room and monkey towel


Pirate Party on Deck

Fireworks at Sea


Artwork in the halls

Thomas Kinkade artwork in the gallery

Adult only pool

My favorite spot at sea

Couldn't be happier

Goofin off with the Captain

Never wanted to leave our room


Literally busted my pants button off on the last meal on the ship.  Apropos!

Sad to leave but happy to have the memories!!!

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