Friday, January 18, 2013

New Years Update

Happy Friday!  I finally got a chance to give a little update of what the handsome hubs and I have been up to in the new year (besides work that is).  Can you believe it is already January 18th?  Where does the time go...

First, we went over to my beautiful friend Abby's house to meet the newest member of her family, Mr. Knox Hendrix Paul!  Isn't he a cutie???  Oh, and she's a crazy Duke fan if you couldn't tell from the pics.  Other than that exciting excursion, we have been doing a lot of hanging out with our main man Brody and enjoying the beautiful Florida in January weather.  We took a weekend trip to Celebration and have also been rooting for our Packers and my Badgers :)

Doing anything fun this weekend???

Tiny, sweet baby Knox!

Such a good baby :)


The sun, it's blinding.  Enjoy a beautiful day in Celebration!

Sunset at a lovely lake by our home.  So pretty and peaceful.

Almost time to switch out the Santa collar :(

Our bestie

Once a badger, always a badger

He humors me so well :)

We heart football
Always winners in our hearts.

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