Monday, December 3, 2012

Weekend in Review

Happy Monday (sarcasm).  Did you all have a nice weekend? 

While the Knights did not win our Conference Championship darnit, we still played our hearts out.  I also had a great weekend of watching football with my main men and prepping our home for Christmas joy!  Tonight is LIGHT & Decoration TIME, so pumped.
Love this snuggle bug
Our place is so small that I had to pack up our living room bookshelf to make room for our Christmas tree.. worth it.  Packing books is a PAIN in the ASS.  I literally googled it to see if there was a correct method.  Nerd Alert.

For the 3rd straight year, my Badgers are Rose Bowl bound!  Don't F with Bucky!
Fords love trees, even without glasses

but especially with glasses!  last year we didn't get one and it was a sad thing.  This year I spent all day Sunday prepping our house so there would be no tree excuses... success!

Did I mention, there is a snuggle bug on the loose in our home?  My sweetsie


Rachel said...

Woah i can't wait to see the TREE! ahhh 3 days sissy!

Anonymous said...

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