Thursday, May 17, 2012

I've Been MIA... Oops

Hey there buddies,

Sorry for the long delay in posting but I have been one busy little fish.  With what you ask?  Well, for the sake of easiness laziness, I will give you a photo tour of the last few weeks of my life to catch you up.  The highlights were a lot of family visiting, my sweetie's graduation from his Master's program, and winning a major award!

I have about 200 more photos on my camera to add to the following, but first I need to get around to uploading them and editing them, so bear with me while I share some of my moms photos with you in the meantime :)  THANKS MOMS.

This was one of the highlights of the last few weeks... Dinner at Hillstone.  Delicious, beautiful sunset, and one of the reasons I have been so MIA... all the great company!  More on that soon.

Mums was here for a nice long visit so of course I took her to one of my very favorite places in Central Florida, the Grand Floridian Hotel.  It is so dreamy there.

Dreamy, right?
We even got to see a Cinderella dream wedding in action!!!!!!!!! HIGHLIGHT OF MY TIME IN FLORIDA. :)  The bride waived to us, we had a moment.

I wonder which one the bride and groom used on their wedding cake that day?  Even though I have been married for 2+ years, I still want the Cinderella one REAL BAD.
My most beautiful maman.

Guess what we did at the Grand Floridian?  OH, no big deal.  We had afternoon tea and it was awesome.


Please note, despite appearances in this photograph I am NOT pregnant :)  But my husband the graduate is incredibly handsome, so there's that!

Graduation Doggie :)
And last but not least... My Major Award (Christmas Story reference bonus).  I was awarded my Division's New Professional Award (this is an annual award that anyone in my Division for 3 years or less is eligible for!)... Can you tell I was a little bit excited?  These are my three bosses :)

Did I mention he is handsome?  Well... now you know.
Finally, we also did squeeze in some R&R over the past few weeks.  Why does it always feel like the work week snails along while the weekends go by in warp speed?  I guess I shouldn't complain when our weekends look like that, right?  Sometimes I really love Florida.

Today we are enjoying a rainy day out here in Floridida and I am LOVING IT.  I'm also looking forward to a long weekend spent hanging out with my main man and celebrating my day of birth.  Hope you all are having a great day today!

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