Friday, April 24, 2009

Busiest Weekend Ever...

What a crazy busy weekend of fun... (Sorry for the lack of photos, I will put most of them up on facebook.)

After work on Friday I got to see my little bro and sissy who met up with us for dinner and then rockbandid it out over at our place. Cutest thing ever... Then we left for a softball double-header (won the first, lost the second. I blame fatigue!) and came home to a mega surprise party for Jonathon!! Wahoo!!! He was completely shocked, photos to follow.

When I finally got up on Saturday I drove down to Balboa Lake where paddle boat fun with the kiddies ensued. That park is HUGE, and believe me, I walked the whole thing. It was a beautiful day and I even saw three seperate weddings at the park! Ben had the time of his life trying to mow down the ducks with the paddle boat. That night Jon and I made a starbucks run and then rocked out at a friend's dad's concert in Westlake (hardcore!).

Sunday, after spending the morning in Malibu (Lily's breakfast burritos baby) we picked Natey up and drove to the valley for my stepmom's parents 50th wedding anniversary party. We tried so hard to stay up but were all pretty much sleep walking. We ended up leaving a bit early and pretty much crashed out at about 6pm when we got home.

Yesterday... DiSnEyLaNd BaBy!!!! So much fun. I have the cutest pics of my bro and sis ever that I will be working on soon, but in the meantime...

YEA. She's perfect.

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